Exterior Steel Siding Rust Protection

Using Acrylics With Rust Inhibitors For Exterior Steel Siding In Milwaukee, WI.

Corrosion is recognized as one of the most serious problems with commercial buildings in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In fact, the result of rust and corrosion on most industrial/commercial architectural structures often results in thousands of dollars to repair if the proper are is neglected. If your steel-sided commercial building is in need of rust proofing—then you need to look for a contractor who uses top-notch rust-inhibitors and knows the ins and outs of applying such paints for optimal long-term protection. At PGI we use nothing but the best acrylic paints with top-of-the-line rust inhibitors to ensure your commercial building’s exterior steel siding is well protected.

Premium Paints, Premium Rust Inhibitors

Unlike many painting contractors in Milwaukee, PGI uses premium paints and rust inhibitors to ensure your building’s exterior steel siding and or roof is rust-proofed to perfection. The metal roof and siding products we choose are uniquely developed to withstand the harsh treatment that weather, salt spray and ultra-violet degradation can inflict on a metal roof and other steel structures. In addition, our paint features excellent one-coat coverage with tenacious adhesion and dries quickly for a long lasting protective and decorative finish. The acrylic-based paints that we choose also resist peeling, fading and blistering. In addition, it also exhibits outstanding film durability and color fastness.

Choose A Commercial Painting Contractor In Milwaukee That Knows Steel Siding

Historically, aluminum and steel sidings became ubiquitous in the 1950s and 1960s as a “cheaper,” easier to maintain alternative to traditional commercial siding and masonry. But with much of it in place for nearly a generation now, these sidings are showing considerable age—and more costly repairs than originally suspected. Moreover, repaints with factory-applied paint coatings are notorious for chalking over and leaving a dusty, lackluster appearance. This is why it’s critical to go with a commercial paint contractor who knows how to maximize the paint job on aluminum and steel siding buildings.

When shopping around for a contractor to rustproof your commercial building’s steel siding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  you’ll want to go with a painting contractor that knows industrial buildings well. From the initial prep to applying the correct bonding agents and acrylic paint necessary for long-term rust prevention, PGI has all the bases covered and years of experience painting commercial aluminum siding in southeast Wisconsin.